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Lesley Continuing Education Seminars and Workshops

Hello Everybody –

The Lesley Seminar classes for Spring 2009 start up this week and continue on through June. All of our offerings are listed on our website under their respective categories (arts, writing, travel study, etc.), so please check it out and tell your friends.

Here is a sample of our spring classes and workshops: Travelers' Tales: A Writing Workshop; The Art of Writing for Newspapers; Demystifying Oil Painting; How to Choose the Best Point of View for Your Short Story; The Digital Darkroom: A RAW Format Workshop; Creating Your Website; Introduction to Digital Photography; Career Exploration and Decision Making; The Art and Science of Happiness: A Primer on Positive Psychology; Islamic Architecture and the Visual Imagination; Traditions and Cultures of Ireland and many more...

The Lesley Seminars offer innovative programming, including credit and non-credit courses, workshops, and conferences, great value for the cost, small and interactive classes, gifted and supportive faculty, and learning experiences consistently rated by students as excellent or outstanding.

Please feel free to submit a registration form or contact me at ovavroch@lesley.edu or 617-349-8609 to register or answer any questions that you might have.

Thank you,

- Olivia

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