The Absurd Hero and friends (jenlight) wrote in bostonarts,
The Absurd Hero and friends

The big bad 1st post!

Welcome to bostonarts a community for artists in the Boston area to meet and trade ideas and maybe form a new movement based on time machines and burnt toast. Who knows?

We welcome visual artists, musicians, comedians, performance artists, wacky philosophers, writers/poets, people who simply like art and, of course, monkeys.
I am jenlight and I will be your autopilot for this flight.

  • I believe its customary for people to introduce themselves or something. You can show some artworks or just talk about yourself. Maybe tell us what you're looking for, why you joined.
    So go on and introduce yourself.

    let me know if you have any ideas for interests to be added to the community info page.

    * This post may be changed or appended. If it is I will also post a community notice of the change so that you will all be hip to what's new.
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